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urban tree & landscape service

Trees growing in the city or in an urban environment face many more pressures then trees growing in the forest. The soil is usually disturbed during construction and the best soil is hauled away. Then its compacted in order to build building or roads. Finally a small hole is dug out and a tree plopped into the hole and covered up. Usually the irrigation system that’s installed doesn’t take into account that some trees need more or less water than others, so your trees are often either underwatered or overwatered.

Its no wonder that the average life of an urban tree is 12 years. We think that is a terrible survival rate because tree provide so much benefit to the urban environment – they deserve and long and productive life. We can help by recommending the right tree for your location, fix the soil before planting so it will survive better and make sure it has the correct watering and management program.

Municipal Tree Service Experts

If you work or live in the city and have a site with many trees on it, you have an urban forest! That urban forest provides many benefits to your city – shade, beauty, reduction in air pollution to start. Kids enjoy trees and we adults benefit from them too, but your trees need protection from the stresses of the urban environment.

Foothill Tree Service works with cities, counties, school districts and others to help them best manage a thriving urban forest.

Our budget-based treatments are safe, effective, and backed by over 50 years of experience. We manage regular pruning for safety and clearance from buildings or vehicles. We provide proper nutrients your trees don’t get from city soils which prevent insects or diseases from hurting them.


urban tree & landscape service

Existing City Landscaping

What if I have existing trees that I want to care for? We can work with existing trees to correct many of the existing problems that keep your trees from thriving.

We protect them with the safest and most effective products that are kid and pet friendly. We target what’s wrong and don’t just blanket spray everything on them.

We un-compact soil, fix soil deficiencies, provide natural nutrients that your trees don’t get now and prune them for health and beauty.


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