Plant Health Care

plant health care

Our region is blessed with a natural beauty that is hard to find else ware. Enhancing that beauty with properly designed, planted and maintained trees and shrubs is very important to most of our clients. We employ Certified Arborists and Plant Health Care Specialists to provide you with the best advice, the best programs and the safest most effective products available.

Our philosophy is that we only work with effective but safe processes and products to help your trees and shrubs (and even turf) not just survive, but thrive no matter what environment stresses they encounter. We develop methods and products to improve soil health, retain water properly, make trees stronger and more resilient to insect and disease problems and use pesticide alternatives whenever we can. When we can’t, we find the safest possible products that target only the bad guys and are safe around pets, kids and wildlife. After all, we are here to make our region even more beautiful, it just makes sense to do it without damaging nature, doesn’t it?

Call and ask us about:

  • Drought Recovery Programs
  • Safe Pest Control for your trees and shrubs
  • Bark Beetle control that is effective and safe
  • Disease Control and Prevention
  • Nutritional Programs to keep trees, shrubs and turf healthy and strong
  • Water saving techniques
  • We fix soil problems, too!

Decorative trees, fruit trees, shrubs and more—they can be incredibly sensitive to environmental changes, and if they succumb to an illness, it may be too late to save them.


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