Pest Management

In a healthy forest or woodland environment, trees normally survive and thrive with little intervention. But when they are stressed by drought, floods, construction, soil compaction or other issues, they weaken and become targets of insects, diseases and other problems.

We can help by offering pest control solutions that are the most effective AND safest available today. We constantly look for better products and methods that do the most good and that have the least impact on the environment. Our services are kid and pet friendly.

We go beyond just treating the problem, though. We know if we can make your trees healthier, they often can fight pests and diseases for themselves. That’s why we offer tree health and soil health programs. If we can help your trees and shrubs recover from stresses and thrive again, they often don’t even need much other help.

Bark Beetle Treatment

Prevention is critical to fighting bark beetles. We offer a preventative program that focuses on tree recovery and – if needed – tree protection. We have found the most effective treatments that encourage the roots of the tree to grow deep, instead of spreading out.

Our two-part approach is the best method by far to protect your trees and is an exclusive program developed from our extensive research by our tree care experts.

This treatment encourages more fine root hairs and improves the interaction with good soil microbial life, thus increasing the ability of the tree to capture and retain water and nutrients.

We relieve soil compaction and fix other soil problems too. If there are known bark beetle population on your property or nearby, we also recommend pre-treating healthy trees with a safely injected product that works inside the tree for two years to kill any larvae as they hatch.

Let us develop a program for your property today.

About Bark Beetles

One of the most devastating insects we currently face are bark beetles. The historic drought has weakened our trees and they are struggling to recover. Even with adequate rainfall, it will take four to five years for most pines and oaks to fully develop their defenses again. That is one of the reasons why the current bark beetle infestations are so devastating.

To date over 100 million pine trees have been killed in California’s forests due to the drought and bark beetle problem. Worse yet, it is estimated that an additional 100 million trees may still weaken and die. This is a huge problem, but we can help your trees.

Weakened trees are easy prey for these small but aggressive pests. They attack eating into the bark of the tree and feeding on the growing layer, or cambium layer of the tree. Once this layer is completely eaten through, no water can pass above it, and the tree will die. Our bark beetle treatment programs emphasize preventative care to ensure healthy trees that can withstand pests naturally.

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