Tree Service El Dorado Hills

     Looking for a certified arborist near El Dorado Hills, CA? Concerned about trees that need fertilization, pruning, or removal? Do you have pine trees that need bark beetle treatment? Our ISA certified arborists at Foothill Tree can assess your tree service needs and help you create a comprehensive service plan. We will never offer a service that you don’t need and rigorously demand only best industry practices from our crews. Our most recent accomplishment is to have reached our goal of becoming accredited by the T.C.I.A.


T.C.I.A. Accreditation is the only program of its kind in the tree care industry. The process evaluates businesses to ensure that professional practices and standards are met in every department and at every level of the company. Says Bob Rouse, TCIA’s chief program officer. “It shows customers that this is a model tree care company, the best in the area, and raises the bar for other tree care companies in the area.”


      Today, the rolling hills of El Dorado Hills are full of various types of oaks and other trees. No matter what type of tree or trees you have, they all need different levels of care. Trees are an important part of our community and they deserve to be maintained and taken care of. We have a specialized program called a Smart Tree Plan that helps you budget for work done on your trees, whether that might be Plant Health Care, trimming, removal, or pruning.


          We love working with people that love trees. They provide so many benefits for our community. These benefits include reduced stress, less pollution in the air, and higher property values. Our certified arborists have gone through extensive training to better understand the best way to help your trees.

Here at Foothill Tree Service, we offer a variety of services.

Our Services Include:


  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Plant Health Care
  • Mastication
  • Stump Removal
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Fire Prevention
  • Land Clearing
  • Vista Pruning
  • Weight Reduction
  • Thinning
  • Stump Grinding


Fun Facts:

Formally known as Clarksville, it was named after two early ranchers, Harry Clark and his brother. It came to be known as El Dorado Hills around the 1960’s when it was being developed as a community with golf courses, community parks, schools, a community shopping center, commercial centers with open spaces and opportunities for outdoor recreation with beautiful trees all around. This development was started by Allan Lindsey.





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